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"A microaggression is the casual degradation of any marginalized group. The term was coined by psychiatrist and Harvard University professor Chester M. Pierce in 1970 to describe insults and dismissals he regularly witnessed non-black Americans inflict on African Americans.[1][2][3][4] Eventually, the term came to encompass the casual degradation of any socially marginalized group, such as the poor or the disabled.[5] Psychologist Derald Wing Sue defines microaggressions as "brief, everyday exchanges that send denigrating messages to certain individuals because of their group membership".

- Wikipedia

Truthfully, I think this is an exercise is self-pity. I also agree that it may very well be the creation of a culture of victimhood. There are always going to be differences in opinion. There are always going to be people who see themselves as lesser or held down or oppressed. The problem is when their individual feelings of oppression do not match their reality or they use it to exercise power over others who they feel oppress them.

It creates a culture of silence. Where no one can express any opinion that might offend anyone.

Let's take an example.

The wikipedia article comments that Asian-American women report feeling victimized by being seen as trophy wives.  Not only does this imply that one single Asian woman has felt like this, but that several have banded together to express that they all have a similiar opinion.

Here's the problem. Asian-American women cannot, by definition, be a trophy wife in a power culture that is prodominantly white. Say what you want about racial issues, this is the underlying definition of trophy wife. That she represents everything that a man trying to acheive power and prestige within the dominant power culture that says he has arrived if he's allowed to marry her. That he has succeeded. That, as a representative of the dominant power culture, she has either voluntarily married him or been given to him by the dominant power culture.

If given, then usually by her father, either through introduction or business arrangment. By herself, she has chosen him as a man capable of providing her with everything she values within her culural environment.

If you beleive in the concept of white priviledge or that white men are emblematic of the dominant power culture of North America, then the only trophy wife they would recognize as a trophy (ie, a symbol of cultural success) is one of their own daughters. In general, for North America, that means good looking, well-educated, and capable of navigating the power system - business, collegiate, or political - within the North American White culture.

Where this gets conflated and possibly deliberately confused, is that trophy wife is a pejorative term. It labelled the men who would marry a woman only as a symbol of his success rather than seeing her own value as being someone who does not see women as having value as helpmeets, partners, or trusted intimates.

There may be some validity to this in that the man in question might not value women. Whether that is intrinsic in him or as part of his culture would depend on the situation. If he's been taught that a wife takes care of the home, the family, and arranges his personal life while he takes care of business, his purpose for marrying her may be all business, somewhat personal, or all personal depending on how he views her. Traditionally, men of power tended to marry for status and someone who would be a business or political asset while he might take sexual satisfaction with prostitutes, a mistress, or a long-time committed female partner outside of marriage depending on his culture, upbringing, situation, and personal view of women.

Since many of these are viewed culturally as business arrangements, ones of status and acceptance, the women who marry these men are generally seen as marrying these men because they can give them the life they want. If it is not to be intimate, it is generally based on money and power. Thus they came to be seen as little better than highly bred, highy educated, possibly venal, brood mares. Who might seek her own pleasure and intimate connections outside marriage.

And, the less family connections she had compared to her chest size and length of her legs tended to alter what TYPE of trophy wife she was.

There are three types of white men vying for power within the power culture who might be seeking a trophy wife. Old money - men with family connections both political and business; men who are relatively new to the upper echelons of the power structure and came up through business, and men who are relatively new to the power structure and came up through the education system. All might end up in the political arena and some of these men while having power and old money now, may have only have acquired it after arriving in America.

In pop culture, trophy wives have a similar hierarchy.

They consist of women who come from old money and have political, family and financial connections. They usually also are comfortable within the environment their men move in and are often trained to be some sort of partner although this varies depending on the family and individuals in question.  The second are relatively new to the power structure or they or their families came up through the business, collegiate, or political structure. Usually collegiate. The last are women who have value mostly because of their looks and often belong to the class some of the men newly arrived to the power structure belong to. They are ones most likely to be seen as gold-diggers although ambition is also a possibility.

The old money ran smack into middle class values when the middle class started attending universities and moving into the higher echelons of power and started breaking into the power structure by marrying the members of that community. Additonally, all of this was occurring at a time when women were demanding to be married for who they were personally. Where the concept of marriage was changing at the same time. So you have two or more conflicting views of marriage running head long into each other within the white power culture - where the power was shifting away from old money to the new university educated rich - at the same time the women's movement was leading women to view what they wanted from marriage differently.

That's not to say that men didn't necessarily want the same things, but since they arguably had more power, they had less incentive to get involved in the discussion. Until they ended up sleeping on the sofa.

Then you need to add in the growing group of people who are racially diverse, adding to the growing pool of educated people all vying for power and status at a time when the very concepts of power and status in the white power culture was shifting away from the traditional view. And yet if marriage into a white family was seen as a necessary symbol of acceptance, this leads the racially diverse to see insult if white people won't marry them. Because if the white power culture is starting to view women as partners and racial groups are seeing marriage as acceptance by whites that they are good enough to marry in, the two groups are not viewing marriage the same way.

And that doesn't even begin to address all the gender, class, and religious differences that may exist between the two groups.

And if a man assumes that simply having power, education, connections, or business acumen, or good looks should automatically mean a white woman MUST find him attractive or she is denying him status within the white power culture, than you are setting the whole culture up for a nasty war of wounded egos that have nothing to do with whether she finds him physically attractive, personally attractive, or wants what he thinks he's offering. And if he truly, honestly, thinks this is an insult, he is effectively saying she doesn't have the right to chose who she is attracted to if he thinks he's good enough.

Back to the Asian-American report.

The truth is, Asian - American women CANNOT be a trophy wife under the old definition because they are not part of the white power culture. They might be a trophy wife if he is marrying her solely to get access to her Asian contacts. Or if he sees it as a symbol of acceptance within the Asian community. The problem with that, is that white power culture doesn't see the first as honorable, and the second doesn't really exist yet as while the Asian community may be powerful in Asia, it is NOT the dominant power culture in North America at this time even if they have significant economic investment in some of the projects the power culture manages.

In other words, the Asian community is not a target for fortune hunting white men seeking to marry Asian daughters since ethnocentric white America doesn't view Asia as important enough to their daily lives that marrying one of their daughters grants them status within their own culture. That, of course, doesn't rule out the odd psychopathic business person willing to marry to get ahead if he happens to have business interests in Asia, but that's different. He's just an ass-hole. And beleive me, the rest of the white power culture doesn't think he's arrived because of it.

So, the Asian-American women clearly have no idea what the definition of trophy wife actually means within white culture. At best, I suspect they probably mean they are seen as pretty ornaments who will wash his feet and meekly bear his children when the independant white women won't date him. That says more about the fact they think Asian women are seen a submissive to a man - and let's face it - that's the view of popular culture. That this is what they themselves beleive.


So, if they don't actually understand the definition, the fact they are reporting that they feel this way invalidates the report. Especially since we don't know how the questions were phrased.

Now, here's where it gets fun. Based on the definition of microagression, I don't have the right to say any of what I just said in case it hurts someone's ethnic or racial feelings of inferiority or marginalization.

So much for Freedom of Speech.

Cue taps, folks. For the death of the American dream.

NMD33 aka SGCBearcub aka Natalie Marilyn Durdle (possibly the only true Canadian living in 2018. And isn't that fucking fun.)
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